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Tami Mae May was sentenced to 24 months in prison for failing to pay federal taxes for more than seven years. May pleaded guilty to obstruction of due administration of Internal Revenue laws. From 1998 through 2004, May failed to file any income tax returns for the excavating business she ran with her husband, despite that fact that the business earned substantial income during that time. When notified by the IRS in April 2005 that the business owed tax debt, penalties and interest, May embarked on an eight-year campaign of frivolous filings, in an effort to obstruct the administration of Internal Revenue laws. May filed a host of fake documents with the IRS, including a “zero income” tax return, Forms 1099-OID falsely claiming that her husband had made payments to various IRS Revenue Officers, falsely claiming that the Mays or their business had received “original issue discounts” and had “federal tax withheld” by various banks and credit card companies, and forms claiming that the Mays were not United States Citizens, but instead were permanent residents of the “Kingdom of Heaven.” May also made nonsensical tax-defier-scheme-related statements to the IRS, including that her social security number was her “corporate fiction’s” social security number, that her family’s business was a foreign trust of which she was the trustee, and that there is no such thing as money. New York City Tax Accountant and Tax Attorney Our New York City offices are conveniently located and easily accessible by car, train and subway. Civil and criminal tax consultations are confidential and legally privileged. Same day and emergency appointments scheduled Monday through Friday. For immediate assistance call (212) 974-3435 or contact us Online.  Restaurant Tax Accountant and Tax Attorney We negotiate excellent installment agreements and provide restaurant owners with effective sales tax and audit representation, including unfiled tax returns and all Department of Labor issues. For a no-obligation consultation call us directly at (212) 974-3435 or contact us Online. Business Tax Accountant and Tax Attorney We negotiate affordable repayment plans and provide our business clients with effective payroll tax and audit representation, obtaining government contracts with a tax lien, compliance checks, missing tax returns and Workers Compensation audits. For immediate assistance call (212) 974-3435 or contact us Online. 


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Felony Charges in Criminal Tax - Attempt to Evade or Defeat Tax (26 U.S.C §7201)

Tax evasion is when a taxpayer willfully (meaning voluntarily and intentionally) using illegal means to avoid paying their taxes. This charge can apply to an individual or corporation and carries a punishment of up to $100,000 in fines ($500,000 for a corporation), or five years of imprisonment, or both. Examples of tax evasion include claiming a dependent when you do not have one, keeping two sets of books with unreported income, or concealing assets by placing them in someone else’s name. The statute of limitations for tax evasion is six years from the last act of evasion. It is important to note that while criminal tax evasion is a felony, this is different than failing to file your tax returns. If this sounds familiar, call us directly, we can help. 

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