A Vindictive Auditor Can Bankrupt Your Business



IRS Revenue Agents are naturally suspicious and may even resent you for being financially successful. Left unchecked, a vindictive Auditor may deliberately disallow permissible deductions and punish you with costly penalties. To stop this from happening to you – it pays to have Selig & Associates on your side. 


WARNING a friendly Auditor is not your friend. In fact, you could be the subject of a criminal tax investigation and not even know about it (until it's too late). If an IRS Auditor suspects you of tax fraud, he will try to trick you into providing incriminating evidence that can and will be used against you in a criminal proceeding. A common tactic is to request information that exceeds the scope of the audit. 


The easiest way for you to avoid this problem is to be represented by an experienced Tax Advocate from Selig & Associates. For immediate assistance with your tax problem call today (212) 974-3435




Your Secrets Are Safe 


Our communications are legally privileged (even if you don’t retain us). We don’t publish “client-testimonials” or compromise your confidentiality in any other way. If you have a serious tax problem that needs to be solved, you can speak to us with complete confidence. For immediate assistance with your tax problem call today (212) 974-3435

Written Agreement

When you retain Selig & Associates, you’ll receive a written Engagement Agreement that clearly describes the services we will provide along with our mutual responsibilities to each other.

Certain Cases Demand Discretion

For obvious reasons, politicians, athletes, actors, actresses, business-owners, sex industry workers and private people who receive undeclared income may want to avoid public attention. If this resonates with you, we’ll do everything possible to ensure that nothing we do becomes “a matter of public record”. 

Certain Cases Demand Public Attention 

Sometimes, sunlight really is the best disinfectant. We’ve taken tax cases public by appearing on national and local television programs; by holding press conferences, and by weighing in on local radio shows. In other words, we have the resources certain people want and need. For immediate assistance with your tax problem call us directly (212) 974-3435



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