What Exactly is a Merchant Cash Advance? (MCA) A MCA allows business-owners to obtain funding by leveraging their future credit card sales. Typically, only businesses that accept credit and debit cards may obtain a MCA because a small, fixed percentage of the merchant’s future debit or credit card sales are used to repay the funds. 

How does an MCA work? When you apply for a MCA the company reviews your recent debit and credit card processing to determine how much money you’re entitled to. It usually takes between 24 and 72 hours to receive the capitol and you can use the money for any business expense, e.g. pay sales taxes, expand, buy more inventory, buy out a partner, etc. And as mentioned above, you’ll repay these funds through a small, fixed percentage of your future debit or credit card sales. Since the repayment is a fixed percentage, the amount you repay is manageable. Meaning, if you have a big day, you’ll pay back more. If the store is slow, you’ll pay less. This method means you’ll always have enough money to cover your expenses. For more information, call David Selig at (212) 974-3435


In a nutshell, a Merchant Cash Advance is financing based upon your businesses future credit card receivables. Merchant financing is repaid on a daily basis as a percentage of your credit card sales. Accordingly, if your credit card sales are high, your advance is repaid quickly. Conversely, if your credit card sales are low, your repayment is low. Use the money to:


  • Buy Inventory 
  • Pay Sales Taxes
  • Buy Equipment 
  • Advertising 
  • Short-term capital
  • And much, much more. 


Easy Financing

Borrow up to 250% of your monthly credit card sales volume in one lump sum. Use the money to pay your taxes or buy inventory. 

Fast Approval

Apply online or over the phone in minutes, get approved in 24 hours and receive funds one day later.

Flexible Re-Payment Schedule

Payments are based on a percentage of daily credit card sales. Easy-peasy.  


Getting Started


To get started, you’ll need to provide us with four things:


  1. A copy of your Government-issued photo ID
  2. A voided check from your business checking account
  3. Statements from your business bank account
  4. Your last four credit card-processing statements


For more information, call David Selig at (212) 974-3435

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He should have hired Selig & Associates The owner of a trucking business was sentenced in federal court to 33 months in prison for wire fraud and willfully failing to file a tax return, announced Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Richard E. Zuckerman of the Justice Department’s Tax Division, and Matthew J. Schneider, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District. According to court documents, Arshawn Kenard Hall, operated a truck hauling business called RAMA Enterprise Inc. (RAMA). An automobile company hired Hall to transport plastic crates filled with automobile parts.  After transporting the parts, Hall was required to return the empty crates to a facility in Detroit. Instead, Hall took the plastic crates and sold them to a plastic recycling company for approximately $460,000.  The value of the stolen plastic crates to their owner was approximately $2,921,000. Hall also willfully failed to file a 2012 federal income tax return on behalf of RAMA and failed to pay the taxes due.  The tax loss associated with Hall’s conduct is $142,069. In addition to the term of imprisonment, U.S. Court Judge Terrence G. Berg ordered Hall to serve three years of supervised release, to pay restitution of $2,919,265 to the automobile company and $142,069 to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Zuckerman and U.S. Attorney Schneider commended special agents of IRS Criminal Investigation, who conducted the investigation, and Tax Division Trial Attorneys Abigail Burger Chingos and Kenneth C. Vert and Assistant U.S. Attorney Adriana Dydell, who prosecuted the case.  Aggressive New York City Tax Advocates We Solve IRS and New York State Tax Problems, Guaranteed. Specializing in Income, Payroll and Sales Tax Issues. IRS Audits, Sales Tax Audits, Unpaid Payroll Taxes, Trust Fund Penalties, Criminal Tax Investigations and Tax Crimes, Installment Agreements and Payment Plans, Offers in Compromise and most other Tax Matters. For a Legally Privileged Consultation with a Federal Tax Practitioner and Licensed Attorney Call (212) 974-3435 or Contact Us Online.  Income, Payroll and Sales Taxes.  Suspended Passport and Drivers License.  Missing Tax Returns Prepared and Filed within 48 Hours.  IRS Liens, Levies and Wage Garnishments.  NYS Tax Warrants.  Income and Sales Tax Audits.  Payroll and Trust Fund Recovery Penalties.  Criminal Investigations and Tax Crimes including Tax Evasion.  Offers in Compromise and all other Tax Matters.  We Negotiate Excellent Installment Agreements and Monthly Payment Plans. 



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