Don’t Let the Insurance Company Push You Around When you have an Insurance Claim, you need an aggressive Advocate to stand up and protect your rights.


Without Aggressive Representation, the Deck is Stacked Against You When it comes to settling insurance claims, the Insurance Company has a team of Adjusters, Accountants and Attorneys on it's side. And when you have an expensive Claim, such as burglary, fire, water or windstorm damage, the Insurance Company will offer you significantly less than your claim is actually worth.


You've Got to Fight Back When it comes to paying claims, Insurance Companies are notorious for playing hardball. Negotiations are Zero Sum and every dollar counts. Fortunately, years of practicing before the IRS and other State and Federal Agencies gives David SELIG an unfair advantage. Accordingly, he'll demand and fight for every dollar that you're entitled to. 


Winning is Everything To discuss your insurance claim, call SELIG directly at (212) 974-3435


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