For people with serious tax problems, Selig & Associates has become New York City’s go-to tax firm. Selig & Associates is a micro boutique that specializes in resolving serious tax problems without having to go to Court. In 2008 David Selig and Bradley Dorin met inside of the United States Tax Court have been working together on a case-by-case basis ever since. They practice before the IRS and State and spend much of their time with Government Agents and Attorneys in cramped windowless offices. They defend the indefensible and resolve the irresolvable by negotiating directly with the government and through back channels.


Selig is a Federal Tax Practitioner and Public Adjuster and Dorin is an Attorney with over 30 years of experience. Collectively they have discharged over $300,000,000 in federal and state tax liabilities and none of their clients have been convicted of a tax related felony. Going to court is a gamble that can cost you your freedom, says Attorney Dorin. We knock the heart out of criminal tax cases before they pass the point of no return by taking advantage of every exploitable opportunity and by honoring our agreements, says Selig. We know all of our clients personally, and for some reason we seem to attract an immoderate amount of restaurateurs, builders, outlaws and entrepreneurs. It’s largely due to the complexity of our tax laws, says Dorin. 


And because Selig is an early bird and Dorin is a night owl, they’re accessible to their clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Selig and Dorin keep their clients out of court, out of the headlines, and most importantly, they keep their clients out of prison. In addition to their tax practice, Selig and Dorin settle residential and commercial property insurance claims, including business interruption, burglary, fire, windstorm and water damage. 


Practicing before the IRS gives us an unfair advantage, says Selig. Insurance companies like to receive premiums, but they surely don’t like to pay claims, says Attorney Dorin. And in the heat of the moment, people become frustrated and frequently accept less than their claim is actually worth, a lot less! Compared to the IRS these guys are lightweights, laughs Selig. Dorin appears to be more reserved. Having mastered the proverbial good cop bad cop routine, one thing is clear, Selig and Dorin love what they do.


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