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Selig & Associates We deliver the most aggressive tax representation allowed by law. Specializing in Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, Payroll, Income and Sales Tax Controversies. We settle contested tax audits; negotiate excellent payment plans, compromise tax debts, and resolve all civil and criminal tax issues, including innocent spouse relief and separation of liability. Call today for a FREE face-to-face Consultation (212) 974-3435. 



Selig & Associates represents Contractors, Subcontractors, Day-Care Providers and Minority and Women Owned Businesses before the Internal Revenue Service; New York State Department of Taxation and Finance; New Jersey Division of Taxation; Department of Justice Tax Division, and the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals. 



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We Represent Minority and Woman-Owned Businesses.

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You’ve suffered a catastrophic loss and the Insurance Company offers you pennies on the dollar – "What   will you do . . . what will you do?"  The fantastic Tax Advocates at Selig & Associates recommend you retain an experienced Public Adjuster.  7 Reasons Why You Should Retain a Public Adjuster  1.)   A Public Adjuster will evaluate your existing insurance policies to determine what coverage may be applicable to your claim. 2.)   A Public Adjuster will research, detail, and substantiate every bit of damage to your buildings and contents and any additional expenses you may have incurred. 3.)   A Public Adjuster will evaluate your business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses 4.)   A Public Adjuster will determine the real values needed for settling covered damages. 5.)   A Public Adjuster will stand up to the insurance company by preparing, documenting and supporting each  claim on your behalf. 6.)   A Public Adjuster will negotiate the best settlement with the insurance company on your behalf. 7.)    A Public Adjuster can attempt to re-open a claim and negotiate for more money if a discrepancy is found after the claim has been settled.   Aggressive Selig & Associates provides the most aggressive tax representation allowed by law. Specializing in payroll, income and sales tax controversies for individuals, contractors, restaurants, bodegas and professional practices.  Mission Statement Our mission is to win every tax case; to bring all of our tax, advocacy and legal expertise to every fight, and to serve our clients with integrity, honesty and perseverance. Effective We settle contested tax audits, compromise tax debts and can resolve all marital tax issues including innocent spouse relief and separation of liability.  Reasonable-Rates All tax representation is provided by a Federal Tax Practitioner and Licensed Attorney. To schedule a FREE face-to-face consultation, contact Selig & Associates today. 


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Successfully Negotiate Property Damage Claims We can evaluate your existing insurance policies to determine what coverage may be applicable to your claim. We then research, detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and evaluate any additional covered expenses, including business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses. In addition to recommending a good Public Adjuster it’s good to have an experienced Accountant and Attorney on your side.  


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