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Privacy v. Publicity


Certain cases demand discretion, e.g. prominent and high profile individuals, business owners, sex industry workers and people who received undeclared income and are now facing unrelated criminal charges. To this end, in 2013 Selig & Associates represented six professional athletes, three on-air television personalities, a famous actress and a retired elected official. And because each case was resolved so discreetly - you'll never know who they were. Conversely, certain cases capture the public’s attention. Accordingly, in 2013 Selig & Associates took several high profile tax-cases public by appearing on national television and by holding in-office press conferences that were aired on local television and radio programs. FYI Selig & Associates will never publish a “client-testimonial” or otherwise violate the sanctity of confidentiality. Accordingly, when you have a serious tax problem (that needs to be solved) you can speak to us with complete confidence. 



We're committed to bettering the community in which we practice. This is why David Selig and Bradley Dorin have from time to time agreed to waive or reduce their fees. In this capacity, we’ve helped Veterans, nonprofits, the clergy, the wrongly accused, senior citizens, private schools, daycare centers and people confined in correctional institutions. If you have a tax problem that you’d like us to consider either as a pro bono or as a reduced rate client, or if you’d like to assist or support our efforts in this challenging forum, please call or contact Selig & Associates directly.  

Professional Assistance 

Selig & Associates specializes in Tax Representation before the IRS and State. In this capacity, David Selig and Bradley Dorin work with some of the finest Accountants, Attorneys and professional service providers that New York City has to offer. Accordingly, should you require the services of a bankruptcy, eldercare or personal injury attorney, etc., please contact us directly so that we may arrange for an immediate consultation in our midtown offices.  

Protect Your Drivers License and Dignity  


If you owe taxes to New York State, the Department of Taxation and Finance can suspend your Drivers’ License. Moreover, if your drivers’ license is suspended (because of tax debts) and you’re caught driving, you may be arrested, arraigned and inter alia forced to pay mandatory DMV fines. Conversely, Selig & Associates can help you avoid all of this unpleasantness. Call us today to schedule a free and legally privileged consultation.    


The Truth about Unfiled Tax Returns


Under federal law, failure to file a tax return is a misdemeanor pursuant IRC §7203. This notwithstanding, willful failure may be elevated to a felony under IRC §7201. Additionally, under New York State Tax Law §1801(a)(1) willful failure to file a tax return may now be prosecuted as a felony. Thankfully, Selig & Associates can help you obtain proper legal filing compliance (even if you never received a W2 or 1099) In most cases we can prepare and file up to 10 years of missing Federal and State tax returns within 48 hours of being retained. Call us directly for a free and confidential consultation. 


Don’t be Fooled by Out of State Companies 


At Selig & Associates, David Selig, a Federal Tax Practitioner and Attorney Bradley Dorin meet with each and every client personally. Contact us directly, to schedule your FREE face-to-face, legally privileged consultation, in our conveniently located New York City offices. 



The Truth about Tax Representation


Offers in Compromise Most offers in compromise fail. Accordingly, less than 5% of our tax practice is devoted to the OIC program. This notwithstanding, the majority of all tax problems can still be satisfactorily resolved.  


Penalties & Interest A popular misconception is that interest and penalties stop when a person begins to resolve his problem. Unfortunately, this assumption is patently false. Accordingly, by negotiating excellent agreements, that our client’s can actually live with, we’re able to resolve most tax problems in a reasonable amount of time.