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Successful Civil and Criminal Tax Representation We practice before the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (“NYSDTF”) the Department of Justice Tax Division (“DOJ”) and the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (“DOHA”). *To schedule a FREE legally privileged consultation with a licensed Federal Tax Practitioner and Attorney call Selig & Associates directly (212) 974-3435 

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Proven Results We successfully resolve IRS & NYS tax problems including: Tax Crimes; Tax Evasion; Failure to File a Tax Return and Criminal Non-Filing; Filing False Tax Returns; Installment Agreements; Partial Payment Agreements; IRS Audits; Sales Tax Audits; Sales Tax Controversies; Wage Garnishments; Bank Levies; Seizure of Real Property; Innocent Spouse Relief; Trust Fund Recovery Penalty; Payroll Taxes; Workers Compensation Insurance Audits ("Workers Comp"); Statute of Limitations; Offer in Compromise ("OIC"); Administrative Appeals; Collection Due Process Hearings ("CDP") and most other tax matters. *To schedule a FREE legally privileged consultation with a licensed Federal Tax Practitioner and Attorney call Selig & Associates directly (212) 974-3435 

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Guaranteed Service We meet with our clients personally and we return telephone calls promptly. We answer emails and we provide our clients with regular updates and status reports. *To schedule a FREE legally privileged consultation with a licensed Federal Tax Practitioner and Attorney call Selig & Associates directly (212) 974-3435

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The Most Aggressive Tax Representation Allowed by Law
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The IRS was forced to admit that for the past 5 years over ONE MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have stolen and used the Social Security Numbers of American Citizens, and that PC Operatives within the Federal Agency and Obama Administration have deliberately concealed these crimes by, among other things, not informing the victims. “Taxpayers identified as victims of employment-related identity theft are not notified,” said J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Unfortunately says David Selig of Selig & Associates, most people only discover that they’ve been victimized when they apply for credit, or when they learn that some illegal alien turned fraudster has been receiving Social Security Disability benefits, filing false tax returns, or otherwise garnering benefits they’re not entitled to.   When the Inspector General first alerted the IRS of the crime (and the astonishing magnitude of the crime) Politically Correct Operatives decided to conceal the problem, which to date, has unnecessarily cost the American Taxpayer over 80 Billion Dollars.   “Employment-related identity theft can cause significant burden to taxpayers, including the incorrect computation of taxes based on income they did not earn,” said the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Fortunately says Selig, its an election year and given the proliferation of unflattering information, e.g. WikiLeaks, Hackers, Whistleblowers, Julian Assange, Eric Snowden etc., a handful of our elected officials have finally decided to look into the matter. “It is stunning that the IRS has chosen to aid and abet identity thieves for so long instead of protecting the innocent victims of the theft,” said Sen. Daniel Coats, Indiana Republican. In response to the Treasury Inspector General's lacerating accusations, the IRS has grudgingly agreed to schedule "programming changes" (whatever that means) in 2017, and depending upon the facts and circumstances, may eventually notify taxpayers of potential identity theft, provided certain undisclosed conditions are met.  Bradley Dorin, Esq. & David Selig of Selig & Associates

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Don't Let a False Sexual Harassment Claim Destroy Your Business We provide legal, insurance and other asset protection strategies for Business-Owners and Medical Service Providers. *To schedule a consultation or a comprehensive evaluation of your existing plan call Selig & Associates directly (212) 974-3435

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